Summer Schools

Since 2000 we have been running our popular Summer School for children aged 5 to 14. We produce a play in just a few days with a live performance to friends and family on the last day. Each year we develop a show for the experience and age of those involved. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the production from acting and dancing to prop and set making. This fun project is for all those with an interest in performing but no experience is necessary.

Summer 2018 is looking a bit different for all of us at Direct Theatre School and we will not be running a summer school this year. The Malan family will be off on their Theatre In Education adventure with the Yak Pack Theatre Project in the Indian Himalayas. If you have not yet heard about the project, you can read more at

Meanwhile, here in Bournemouth, Direct Theatre School teacher Tiffany Hannam-Daniels will be running her own Summer Drama School. Tiffany is a Direct Theatre School graduate and has worked as a teacher with us since 2013. We are thrilled that she is setting up her own summer school and wish her all the best. Details of Tiffany’s summer school are below. Please contact her directly if you would like to take part.

Tiffany’s Holiday Drama 2018

Magical fairies, cheeky sprites, mixed up lovers and a donkey’s head, our children’s adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream has it all! A fun filled week of acting, games and make believe! Come along and enjoy as we venture into a magical forest and see what adventure awaits…

Mon July 30th – Fri August 3rd 2018
St. Christopher’s Church Hall, Arnewood Rd, Southbourne BH6 5DW
Cost : £105 per child (deposit required)
Show for family & friends 2.30pm on Friday

To book a place or for more info contact Tiffany Hannam Daniels at or 07835 513078. Or visit us on Facebook at

Previous Summer Schools

The Pirates of Rock Island

Ahoy Me Harties! Two pirate crews set out to unlock the treasure of Rock Island in a desperate race to be crowned the next Pirate King. Will it be Captain Flint and his odd ball crew of one eyed pirates? Or Cutlass Kate and her band of ruthless brigands? Polish your cutlasses and dig out your treasure maps and join us as we create a play full of swash bucking adventure in just five days!

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This summer as we stepped into the magical world of ‘Matilda’ one of Roald Dahl’s most imaginative and best loved stories. Matilda Wormwood is only five years old, but she is a genius. Unfortunately, her parents are too stupid to notice. Worse, her horrible headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, is a bully who makes life difficult for Matilda and her friends. But what Miss Trunchbull doesn’t know is that Matilda has a trick or two up her sleeve…

“Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.”


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The Wizards Champion

With wands at the ready as we welcomed a new term at ‘The Abracadabra Academy’ of Witches and Wizards. Under the all seeing eye of Professor Bimbledore, two house captains battled it out to see who would be crowned The Wizards Champion. Head boy Angel Goodbody and his gang of perfect prefects turned out to be not as angelic as they first appeared. A fun, exciting play full of potions and polyjuice!

sweet trolley (793x800)Click here to see more pictures of A Wizard’s Champion

Elsa’s Journey

Inspired by the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ we wrote a brand new play which took the much loved characters on a new adventure full of twists and surprises. We created a play in just 5 days; a tale of magic, adventure, trolls and snowballs!

Elsa’s Journey – Time has moved on in the kingdom of Arendelle, but on the evening of a grand ball the palace is attacked by an evil Ice Lord and his henchmen. Can Princess Elsa save the day?

 “Let it go!” with Direct Theatre School

Frozen15 (800x473)Click here to see more pictures of Elsa’s Journey

Midsummer Nights Dream

In just a few days we created a play inspired by Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream. We discovered a magical world of fairies and sprites set in the Enchanted Forest of Arden, our very own adaptation written especially for children. A fun, enchanting tale of crossed lovers, magic potions, warring fairies and even the odd donkeys head thrown in for good measure!

SummerMidsummer11 (800x534)Click here to see more pictures of Midsummer Nights Dream

The Pirates of Treasure Cove

Ahoy me ‘earties! 5 days of Swashbuckling fun as we set sail across the seven seas in search of Boot Laced Bill’s Lost Booty. A jolly new Direct Theatre School production with drama, excitement and fun for all!

Oliver Twist

Consider yourself at home as we bring to life Dickens timeless story of Oliver Twist. The ever popular story of the little boy who asked for more! An original Direct Theatre script with parts for all and including all your favourite characters Oliver, Nancy, Fagan, and, of course, the Artful Dodger. Food, glorious food…. will you too be dreaming of hot jelly and custard?

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