Direct Theatre Students Win At The Bournemouth Festival

TiffanySophiaMany congratulations to the 25 Direct Theatre students who took part in the Bournemouth Festival and to Sophia Latyntseva and Tiffany Hannam-Daniels who won the overall Junior and Senior Championships!

The festival begins with competitions in a variety of performance classes such as Sheakespeare Acting, Poetry Reading, Solo Dramatic Peices, etc. The winners of the performance classes then come together to compete in the championship and one Junior and one Senior competitor wins the competition. We are so proud that both winners this year are long term Direct Theatre School students.

We are equally proud of the 23 additional Direct Theatre students who took part. From those who were performing for the first time and building up their confidence to our more experienced students who were excited to return to the challenge of the festival we are so proud of all of you!

Here is a list of some of our winners – well done!

  • Poetry (7 and under) Lucy Wheeler – 3rd Place
  • Shakespeare (13 and under) Polly Morgan – 3rd Place
  • Dramatic (15 and under) Sophia Latyntseva – 1st Place Elise Bailey – 2nd Place Sophie Payne – 3rd Place
  • Dramatic (16+) Tiffany Hannam-Daniels – 3rd Place
  • Party Piece (12 and under) Benedict Malan – 2nd Place
  • Shakespeare (15 and under) Sophie Payne – 2nd Place Elise Bailey – 3rd Place
  • Duologue (15 and under) Lizzie West and Sophia Latyntseva – 2nd Place Kira Allum and Paniz Shikhalian – 3rd Place
  • Newsreading (12 to 15) Lily McStocker – 2nd Place Maya Carveth – 3rd Place
  • Prose Speaking (16+) Tiffany Hannam-Daniels – 1st Place
  • Book At Bed Time (17 and under) Mimi Granell – 1st Place Maya Carveth – 2nd Place
  • Duologue (16+) Sam Chapman and Alice Fish – 1st Place