Want to be in a film?


An award winning film writer/director colleague of ours, Gemma Paul of Twisted Root Productions, is looking for actors of all ages to contribute to a film she is putting together based on the current ‘isolation’ climate we find ourselves in.

The film will be based on the premise of people being stuck in quarantine or ‘survivors’ who are creating a video diary of their time. Think along the lines of The Martian, in terms of the way he talks to the camera about his days and what he does etc. She’s looking for creativity and outside the box thinking!

The quarantine doesn’t have to be for the virus currently affecting us, it can be for anything. Try to be creative as possible, change up the location if you can, do something that looks like it’s somewhere else while still in the safety of your home. Play around, have fun! All footage is to be static (no movement), and shot in landscape. It can be shot on an iPhone or other similar phones with video capabilities.

Don’t rush, take your time. Give snippets over time and develop a story. Don’t worry about editing or sound and all that jazz. Just send her raw footage and she will piece bit together with others and add sound etc.

Be dramatic, be funny, be serious, be it all. Just have some fun with it in this time of craziness. No rush on actual footage as we have plenty of time!

Parents welcome to get involved too!

Anyone providing footage will be sent a release form, and if anyone is under the age of 18 it must be signed by a parent/guardian

Send all footage to gemma@twistedrootproductions.com

*Direct Theatre is a third party introducer and are not receiving any reimbursement, monetary or otherwise