The Experiment

In March 2015 we brought the original play ‘The Experiment’ by Peter Courtenay to Shelley Theatre. The play was first performed 9 years ago at the Regent Centre, Christchurch. We updated and re-wrote the script adding new characters and extra twists and turns so that the play was perfect for this years cast of young performers.

‘The Experiment’ is a tale of Gothic Horror and is full of twists, turns and dark humour. Set in the late 1800’s a young English Governess is employed to instruct the daughters of a Countess. When she arrives at the crumbling castle high in the Carpathian Mountains she is immediately plunged into a bizarre adventure full of out of control children and half human staff. Trapped for the winter, she fights for her life against the very children she’s supposed to teach: trying to avoid ‘The spider Butler’, being fed to giant pets and having her brain transplanted with that of a sheep!

Below are some pictures from the original production in 2006.